Jonas Seetoh

Jonas Seetoh, a leading jazz singer, songwriter, producer and educator in China. His single “a little bit annoying” is very popular and widely sung all over the country. In 2013 he graduated as school second with master degree from Royal Welsh College of Music. In the meantime he also got the entrance scholarship and the only honor award of the college.


Jonas is recognized as a comprehensive vocalist, good at all kinds of music style, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Gospel, Pop, etc. He integrated the world's advanced SLS (Speech Level Singing) vocal skills with musical teaching, and the students loved it. Jonas has made innumerable achievements in teaching in recent years. He’s not only helped many students to get into first-class music collage and also has developed numbers of professional singers. 

What people say:
Jonas Seetoh is a captivating singer.  He has great taste in songs and his mellow voice takes you on an emotional journey. ——Tina May 
Jonas Seetoh.. a young jazz musician with great potential. Confident piano player with a natural 'jazz' voice and a fabulous 'larger than life' personality... A true performer in the making! ——Richard Roberts

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