Gabriele Meirano (Italy)

JPiano: Jazz Piano, Piano for young learners (e, i)

Began playing the piano at the age of seven in Italy. After studying classical for several years he auditioned and got accepted in the Turin jazz Academy where he graduated after completing a five years course. In 1994 he moved to London where he played for over a decade in jazz clubs and bars and established himself on the free jazz scene. After performing in prestigious venues in Europe, including the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, he recorded with Jim Dvorak and Roberto Bellatalla, central figures on the jazz avant-garde scene. The CD has recently been released by 577 records, a New York independent label for whom is currently working on a new project. In 2003 he got the ABRSM certificate of teaching. In 2006 he moved to Shanghai where he teaches piano and coordinates the peripatetic department at Shanghai Rego International School.

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