Toby Mak (Aus)

Jazz Improvisation (e)

Toby Mak is an established member of the Australian jazz community. Originally a trumpet student of Motown legend Gil Askey, Toby then went on to study improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts. He has studied and performed in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and throughout Australia. In 1997 he was a finalist in the National Jazz Soloist Competition at the Wangarrata Jazz Festival. He has performed with Joe Camileri, Wibur Wilde, Bob Sedergreen, Jamie Ohlers, Mark Fitzgibbon, David Rex, Sam Keevers, and Paul Williamson. Recordings include: Toby Mak "Joyful", DavidRex "Collision Course", Mistaken Identity "Identify"and"Wondering", Moovin'n'Groovin "Big Bands Are Back".

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